Windows versus Linux commands

1 列出了 Windows 和 Linux 命令的一些不同。

Table 1: Windows versus Linux commands
Command's Purpose MS-DOS Linux Basic Linux Example
Lists files dir ls ls
Displays the contents of a text file type or more cat or more or less cat thisfile.txt
Copies files copy or xcopy cp cp thisfile.txt /home/thisdirectory
Renames a file ren mv mv thisfile.txt thatfile.txt
Moves files move mv mv thisfile.txt /home/thisdirectory
Deletes files del or erase rm rm thisfile.txt
Creates link mklink ln ln -s thisfile.txt thatfile.txt
Displays the location of files where locate or which locate myfile.txt
Compares the contents of files fc diff diff file1 file2
Finds a string of text in a file find or findstr grep grep word or phrase thisfile.txt
Sort input sort sort sort thisfile.txt
Displays your location in file system cd or chdir pwd pwd
Changes directories cd pathname cd pathname cd /path/to/directory
Creates a directory mkdir or md mkdir mkdir directory
Displays a directory structure tree find find .
Sets file permissions attrib chmod or chown chmod u+x
Displays a environment variable set var or echo %var% echo $var echo $var
Sets environment variable set var=xxx export var=xxx export var=xxx
Lists environment variables set env env
Displays PATH path or set path echo $PATH echo $PATH
Displays running tasks tasklist ps -ef ps
Kills a running process taskkill kill kill pid
Defines aliases doskey (doskey ls=dir /B $*) alias alias ll='ls -l'
Changes the command prompt text prompt export PS1=xx export PS1="\u@\h \w> "
Clears screen cls clear clear
Closes shell prompt exit exit exit
Displays or sets date or time date or time date date
Displays OS version ver uname -a uname -a
Displays command help command /? man or info man command

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